The SFIP scholarship program was created to financially assist eligible individuals with the cost of tuition and study materials for insurance-related courses that are at least ten weeks in duration.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a scholarship, a student must meet the criteria listed below:

  • Show financial need as determined by the Insurance Educational Association (IEA);

  • Reside in the State of California;

  • Applicant need not be currently employed, but if not, a history of employment in the insurance industry or a demonstrated commitment to the industry is preferred;

  • No tuition assistance provided by employer, or any other source for full or partial payment / reimbursement of the educational program being applied for. Includes partial or full loan arrangements;

  • Applicant must successfully complete the current scholarship funded course for future scholarship consideration (C or better grade). Separate applications are required for future scholarship consideration;

  • Only one course scholarship may be granted to the applicant each semester.


The SFIP Scholarship program is administered by the IEA who will present reports at conclusion of the Fall and Spring semesters to the SFIP Educational Advisory Committee.

A scholarship application must be completed along with an IEA class registration form identifying the course the scholarship program is requested to support. The available IEA courses can be reviewed on the IEA web-site at www.ieatraining.com. All applications and supporting information must be sent to the following IEA office/contact:

Gary Dietrich, Director of Operations and Marketing, IEA
725 Town and Country Road, Suite 430
Orange, CA 92868
E-mail: gary@ieatraining.com
Fax: 714-689-0112

Filing deadline dates

Fall classes: August 3
Spring classes: January 7

For more information

IEA Scholarship page