Welcome, New Members!

Do you know someone who should join SFIP?
Contact the Membership Chair, Jenny Schaeffler


New Badges!

Existing members, to order a new badge with the current IAIP Logo and colors (see sample below) and a magnetic fastener, please contact Jenny Schaeffler Jenny.Schaeffler@sedgwick.com and let her know how your name should read on the badge.



2019 Calendar of Events

Have you logged in to the IAIP National site lately?

Remember to go to the National website at www.internationalinsuranceprofessionals.org and set up / or update your profile page. All members are pre-registered on the site and were sent an e-mail with exact information for how to sign in and register to use to the site. If you lost the e-mail, you can contact membership@naiw.org to request the information again. Be sure to change your username and password as soon as you logon for the first time.

Keep Your Profile Current!

Members, you should review and update your member record through the "my profile" area on your National page at least annually and: When you change employers, change your name, etc. A new member ID card will not be issued - if you want an updated card you will need to print it from your profile by selecting the Membership Info link. At the top of the Membership Information page is a link to “view/print my membership card”. For questions Email membership@naiw.org or
call 1-800-766-6249 x3.

Keep the Roster Up-to-Date

Please help update our Roster by advising us of any changes/corrections. If you are a member and would like a copy of our roster, contact Jenny Schaeffler at Jenny.Schaeffler@sedgwick.com. Please send all corrections/updates to her. Please take special care in completing the “Specialty Field” column by indicating “Account Manager Construction” instead of just “Account Manager. ”

From the Fellowship Committee

We want to recognize our members for their accomplishments in their careers or personal lives and share in their life events — happy or not. If you know of any of our members who should be recognized (promotion, new designation, etc.) or are having a life event (birth, illness, death in the family), please be sure to contact Jenny Schaeffler at Jenny.Schaeffler@sedgwick.com.

Looking for a Career in Insurance?

Check our job listings at www.SFCNAIW.com/careers.


If you as a member would like to either send an idea to the National Office or express an opinion about something that is bothering you, there is a formal process for submitting your thoughts. Go to the Region VII website, under Resources, Chapter Resources – Board Topics, and click the “Use this Form” link. Or you can get to the form directly by using this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4RBUXe7fmlvTUNtYTI4VzRSNGs/view Complete the form and attach any supporting documentation, then send it to the Region VII Vice President so they can present it to the National Board at the next Board Meeting.

SFIP Member Businesses

Following is a list of members who sell products as part time businesses; this list will be updated as more members send in their information. If you see something that interests you, feel free to contact the member during times provided (if indicated):
Jenny Chea-Vaing
Handmade: Knitting and Crocheting (blanket, scarf, hat, etc.)
PO Box 10201, Pleasanton, CA 94588

If you would like to add your name to our member business directory, please email or contact Rae Lynn Zachary.

Member Happenings